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Green Dentistry

‘Green Dentistry’ refers to the delivery of oral health care and dental treatments using technologies, procedures, and materials that promote environmental and planetary health. It incorporate high-tech nnovations that enhance efficiency and effectiveness while reducing the amount of waste and pollution in the environment.

Klinik Pergigian Fauziah is always mindful of incorporating echnologies, procedures, and practices to make the clinics eco-friendly. This means every facet of the practice of dentistry in our clinics are ontinuously upgraded as technology becomes available to incorporate a better, more efficient, and eco-friendly dental clinic.

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Benefits of Green Dentistry


One of the most significant innovations for Green Dental practices, is the digital radiography which eliminates the need for film X-rays. With digital X-rays, dental practices dramatically reduce armful chemicals such aslead and silver that are released into the environment. Patients are exposed to approximately 90% less radiation with digital imaging compared to conventional X-rays. Also, mages are available to the dentist immediately, are of better quality and can be enlarged for greater diagnostic detail and accuracy.


We use high-quality, biodegradable disinfectants, and steam sterilisation methods that doesn’t require ventilation for chemical vapours, or a hazardous waste permit for disposal of toxic chemicals nto the water supply. To increase as much possible the use of cloth bibs, gowns, and supplies that are washable and disinfected to be reused, this eliminates the use of disposable paper products such as aper cups.


At times when you and others may be interested in natural looking restorations, eco-dentistry embraces today's adhesive, metal-free dental restoratives using direct composite veneers or porcelain eneers which only need minimal or no preparation, and optionally ceramic crowns. They provide metal-free, aesthetic smile treatments, help eliminate heavy metal waste associated with silver amalgam illings that could end up in water supplies.

Because patients often prefer adhesion dentistry, tooth-coloured restoration benefits the environment as well as the health of the patient by getting rid of heavy metal waste from main water supplies. To this end, Klinik Pergigian Fauziah has not used silver amalgam restorations unless absolutely necessary, since 2006.