Feng Shui and Dentistry

What has dentistry and smiles got to do with Feng Shui? Well, it is said that the mouth is where you keep all your secrets.

As I understand it, if you have gaps in your smile, the ‘chi’ can escape! Hence it would be harder for you to be profitable in your business ventures.

Today, the son of my friend, a Feng Shui consultant, was referred to me, to close the gaps in his smile. 

He had a wide generous smile

and the gaps in his front teeth     were  pretty obvious.

We talked for a bit and decided to close the gaps with just fillings and I assured him that it would be absolutely painless and completed within the hour.

Whilst I worked I told him that his mother had done a Bazi reading for me too, and that she was amazingly accurate


I kept up a steady stream of patter to distract him and when I finished with the upper teeth I gave him the mirror with a ‘ta daah’. 

It’s always nice to see the results half way, I notice my patients begin to relax even more when they see for themselves that due to the colour matching, no one could tell where and what I did …. even his own mother!

         And when I was done…

he could truly say “See Ma … no more gaps!!”         :lol:

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