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Dentistry Today Has Changed In A Dramatic Way. Visits To The Dentist To Treat Gum Problems Used To Be Scary. Painless, Bloodless, And With No Risk Of Infections, The Newest Laser Technology Can Make Your Dentist A Friend.

We start with the measuring of gum pockets so we know where the deep pockets are. These are the areas where food traps and bacteria abound. Next we drizzle the EmunDo dye onto your gums so the dye coats the diseased areas and the bacteria takes up the dye in the germ coat.

The laser light is shone onto your gums with a hand-piece which is like a torch light. The deep pockets and shadow areas are then illuminated with a bulb fiber. This means no areas are missed and all the bacteria are destroyed! Imagine 100% of all bacteria are destroyed by the laser light without the need to take antibiotics orally. Next we remove any diseased tissue painlessly with the Bare Fiber.

The EmunDo Therapy is germicidal for the PA causing germs. The dye enables an increase of local absorption of laser light at the calculus and in the inflamed tissue, but healthy tissue is spared and not affected.

1. Painless Laser Treatment

During activation a sole thermal process takes place. Due to low performance there is neither thermal tissue damage nor photo-thermal erosion through burning or evaporation. No glazing of dentine, as the irradiation takes places with extremely low power which simply means absolutely no pain!

2. Gentle Therapy

Softer scaling becomes possible as the laser light softens and marks the calculus making it easy to remove. This means the scaling procedure will be much shorter and comfortable for patients.

Since the laser light with the dye destroys the biofilm and the germs in deep pockets, the patient loses less root substance than during a complete and repeated mechanical cleaning, leading to a lower hypersensitivity.

3. Bio Stimulating Effect

The low-level laser light stimulates the connective tissue, helping the gums heal fast.

4. Antibacterial Effect

Regardless of already existing antibiotic resistances, all gram positive / negative especially the AA-complex as well as gram variable and gram undefined types are destroyed. Due to the germ killing effect, no antibiotics are necessary. This avoids problems with already existing resistances to antibiotics or the possibility of new resistance formations.

No bacterial transmission during the scaling procedure as all gram positive and gram negative bacteria will be marked by the dye and destroyed by the laser light.

5. Selective Therapy

EmunDo® works selectively and locally, as it only attaches to inflamed areas. Meanwhile the colouring of the biofilm and the inflamed areas shows where further irradiation is necessary.

6. Safe & Easily Rinses Off

The dye is completely biocompatible with a long medical history in oncology and ophthalmology.

7. Diode Laser Fox

The FOX is a strong diode laser with a reserve capacity of 8W, which can be used in very different dental therapies. The wavelength of the FOX Q810 plus (810 nm) is for additional applications in surgery, endodontics, bleaching, low laser light therapy and conventional laser periodontal therapy.

8. Gum Disease Causes Higher Death Rates For Diabetics

Studies in Germany have shown that gum disease has a direct link with diabetes, apoplectic stroke, heart attack, premature birth, arthritic problems and rheumatism, loss of breast implants, and artificial hips. (source:

The cause of this link is the migration of bacteria from gum pockets into the blood stream. There were 12% more deaths amongst 1000 diabetic patients with gum disease (severe and moderate) when compared to diabetic patients with no or mild gum disease in the year of the study.

Chronic gum disease increased premature births by 7.5 times for pregnant mothers. A staggering 44% stroke and heart disease patients had periodontitis. Studies found that rheumatism to increase by 6 times as both diseases are related and have similar inflammatory responses.

The risk of oral cancer has been found to be increased by 4.4 times for severe periodontitis patients. One third of failed breast, knee and hip implants had the same bacteria in them as in gum disease. There is a link with the bacteria from the gums. Remember the bacteria from the gum pockets migrate into your blood stream!

9. Clear Benefits Of Emundo®

• Using 810nm laser diode allows a painless non-invasive treatment.
• All known bacteria are destroyed effectively. 100% germicidal.
• Antibiotics are unnecessary, less chances of resistance development.
• Only diseased areas are coloured due to the selective absorption of dye.
• Dye is not absorbed into the gut.
• Laser removal of inflamed tissue.
• Faster healing.
• Gum pocket reduction even after first visit.

10. Who Needs Emundo® Photodynamic Therapy?

People with bleeding gums, mobile teeth, bad breath, dental implants, diabetics, persistent ulcers and people who have had heart surgery. Remember! Healthy gums equals healthy people!

11. Therapy Schedule

• Day 1: Measure and chart gum pockets. EmunDo® PDT. Scaling
• Day 7: Measure and chart gum pockets. EmunDo® PDT. Scaling
• Day 52: Measure and chart gum pockets. EmunDo® PDT. Scaling
• 3 months review: EmunDo® PDT. Scaling

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